Project Suspended!

Hi all,

Unfortunately I’ve had to suspend this project. Now that I’m not working in (or on) the academy any more, I don’t have the resources to keep up with new research on higher education. For those of you still working in this area, I wish you all the best and wish I could have stayed involved longer.

The website will remain up for a while longer, until the domain name expires.

— Eli T.

One thought on “Project Suspended!”

  1. This is a sad moment, obviously for Eli but also for the rest of us who care about higher education. I have known Eli since he blew my mind with his undegraduate thesis at Cornell and have followed him ever since, involving him in my projects when possible (for his benefit but mainly for mine). The bell is tolling for US higher education when someone like Eli cannot find a place from which to contribute and help bring higher education back to something more dignified and valuable than it currently is. Eli’s situation is reproduced by a great number of wonderfully trained and creative people who no longer can find their way into academia. Since a strong system of higher education with creative and productive people is necessary to have a healthy and ethical society, then no one should be surprised by the spectacle we are witnessing now. Safe travels, Eli, and may changes come to bring you back to academia.

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